Kingsway College Visit

We wish to thank Kingsway College for their visit the other day.  The children truly  appreciated the time you took to play and interact with them.


International Day of Families

International Day of Families was celebrated with our parents and a math morning.  Families had a chance to see their children coding in action.  Thank you to all the parents who had a chance to stop by that morning.


A Visit From the Elders

Bernard and Tammy came to visit us and share some of their traditions.  Students were invited to cleanse through smudging – first their eyes, then ears, mouth, heart and body.

A Visit With Santa

Santa took time out of his busy schedule to visit us at school.

Halloween Fun

Trick or Treating Fun on Halloween Day

Terry Fox Walk N’Roll

On September 28, 2017 students participated in our Terry Fox Walk N’Roll.  Students brought in pledges and donations, and our small but mighty school reached our donation goal of $200!