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We understand that a parent is their child’s first teacher and value the relationship between family and school. Ongoing communication and participation in the school community is the key to success! We encourage families to take any opportunity they can to get involved with our school whether it be joining in on our School Community Council or joining us for in school activities and curriculum days. 

stefanie-anne balcom, school liaison

As Campbell Children’s School’s Liaison, it is my pleasure to work with families as they begin their journey with us.  I meet with families when they are considering Campbells as a stepping stone on their child’s academic pathway.  We work together on the transition in and out of CCS.  I also work alongside the Grandview Kids Foundation while supporting our students and families when we are invited to participate in many fun events, fundraisers and community gatherings.  My role here at Campbells has me being a Liaison for our families, the community, and our educational partners in neighbouring school boards.

It is my honour to be alongside our families as they share their child with us during their educational time at Campbell Children’s School.

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Grandview social work

Our school social worker, Mandy Doherty, can be reached at:


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school community council

School Councils are advisory bodies. At Campbell Children’s School, our council also functions as the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) for the Campbell Children’s School Authority. The mandate of the School Council provides parents, students, staff, and community representatives with the opportunity and means to advise the principal and the board on ideas that lead to improving learning opportunities for students.

Composition shall include the following members:

  • parents/guardians of students and former students served by the School
  • a teacher
  • a non-teaching staff member employed at the school
  • a Grandview Children’s Centre representative

Parents/guardians of students and former students will form a majority of the Council. As well, the School Council will include the school principal and may include a community representative. The CCS School Community Council provides parents with the opportunity and means to advise the principal and the school authority board on ideas that lead to improving learning opportunities for students. The School Council meets about four times a year. No prior experience is necessary. At Campbell’s, we think it’s important for all families to have a voice. This is your opportunity to participate and to help make decisions for our school.

If you are interested in the SCC, please contact Shaun Maddock by clicking the link below.

covid-19 response

health screen policy


All students are required to screen for symptoms of illness every day before coming to school. Students with any new or worsening symptom of COVID-19, even those with only one symptom, must stay home until:

  • They receive a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • They receive an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional, or
  • It has been 10 days since their symptom onset and they are feeling better.

Students are required to stay home from school if anyone in their household has new or worsening symptoms of COVID-19. All asymptomatic household contacts of symptomatic individuals are required to quarantine until the symptomatic household member:

  • Receives a negative COVID-19 test result, or
  • Receives an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional

If the symptomatic individual tests positive, or is not tested and does not receive an alternative diagnosis from a health care professional, all household contacts must isolate until 14 days from their last contact with the symptomatic individual. As a reminder, the following symptoms, whether presented by the student or other member of the household, will exclude your child from attending school:

– Fever and/or chills

– Cough or barking cough (croup)

– Shortness of breath

– Sore throat or difficulty swallowing

– Decrease or loss of sense of taste or smell

– Headache

– Unexplained fatigue/malaise/muscle aches/not feeling well

– Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain

– Pink eye (conjunctivitis)

– Runny nose or stuffy/congested nose

Any individual that does not pass this on-site screening procedure will be asked to return home and self-isolate until they meet the criteria for return. The final decision will be that of the school if there is a question of a child’s health at school.

In the case that a student receives a negative COVID-19 result or receives an alternative diagnosis, they must follow Grandview’s regular health policy and not return to school until they have been symptom free for 48 hours.

COVID-19 vaccination summary