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Janet Harper,

School Re-Opening Plan – Monday August 17, 2020


This letter is intended to answer questions that families may have as we prepare for the re-opening of schools. We recognize that with re-opening comes questions and some anxiety; to that end the school team would like to reassure you that we have been and continue to work hard to prepare and create a safe environment for everyone’s return in the fall. We have been connected and planning for this since the end of the last school year. We are working with Grandview, the Occupational Joint Health and Safety Committee, the Durham Region Health Department as part of our planning, while also following the directions of the Ministry of Education and to ensure that our school and workplace is safe.

Staying safe and healthy during the school year is the most important way that we can protect ourselves and each other from COVID-19 when in schools or any public place. All of us have a responsibility to stay safe. We are developing a comprehensive Operational Re-Opening guide based on the direction of all invested parties and will share once finalized. All staff and parents/guardians, on behalf of students, will be required to conduct a daily self-screen to ensure that symptomatic individuals do not enter the premises.

Family interviews will occur between September 1st and 4th. Please contact the school office if you are unable to attend. A follow-up notice will be sent to each family with the specifics for attending the interview in compliance with the most up-to-date information. Please note everyone attending the interview will be required to wear a mask with the exception of students. We are limiting the interview to one parent and the student.

Students will start school on September 8th. Families will receive more information regarding bussing closer to the September 8th date. We will outline the safety protocols being taken by the bus company to ensure your child safety. We will follow the guidance of one student to a seat and are working with our bus companies as some routes may have 2 busses. Your child will be assigned to one bus and sit alone on a seat. Parents will continue to board the bus to buckle their child with the seat belt and will be asked to wear a mask.

Below is a summary of some of the safety measures Campbell Children’s School Authority will be taking to protect your child:

Will the staff receive safety training?

Yes, all staff will have a full day of training prior to school starting.

Will educators and school staff wear PPE?

Yes, each staff will wear a mask, visor, gown, gloves and goggles when appropriate. Masks will be worn by staff and anyone inside Grandview at all times.

Will the students wear masks?

The students will not wear masks as directed by the recent guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Sick Kids.

Will the children share resources and toys?

Your child’s class does not exceed the recommended number of 15 children in one classroom. The toys will be kept in their classroom and will be cleaned on a regular schedule and also when needed. We will limit the number of adults in each classroom and also avoid any unnecessary visitors to the classroom. Each child will have an assigned seat and also a resource caddy with their name. You will not need to send in a pencil case or supplies such as crayons, scissors as we will provide those items and they will only be used by your child.

Will the children play outside on the playground?

Each class will have time on the playground. Grandview has also purchased a cleaning mister that will cleanse the area and equipment.

Will my child be comforted if they are upset while at school?

Yes, we will ensure children are supported and comfort them when needed. We will all be in protective equipment for their safety and the safety of our staff.

What if I plan to drop my child off at school or need to pick them up during the day?

You may choose to drive your child or there may be times when you need to drop them off or pick them up early. We ask that you work with your class team during the interview to ensure there is a plan in place. If you call the school office we can meet you at the door to avoid additional people inside Grandview and the school. Again, we ask that you wear a mask when dropping off or picking up your child.

Is the school prepared with cleaning supplies?

Yes, we are committed to ensuring hand washing stations are stocked with the appropriate cleaning supplies. There is signage at each station to illustrate proper cleaning instructions. There is also Hand Sanitizer and disinfectant spray in each classroom/shared space/washroom. A custodial person has been hired for the school exclusively to ensure a constant cleaning of heavy use surfaces such as door handles, bathrooms, etc.

The implementation of our enhanced health and safety protocols will reduce the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. If everyone does their part to stay safe and healthy (both inside schools and in any public setting), the likelihood that someone will contract the COVID-19 virus at school will be low. However, until the virus is eliminated around the world, there is still a risk of contracting the virus. As a result, the Ministry of Education has established COVID-19 outbreak protocols that we are committed to following in the event that someone feels sick and/or contracts the virus.

We will continue to share with our families what we are doing to keep the students and staff safe. Please call the school office if you have further questions.

Mrs. Harper, Principal

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For your information, check out the Recommendations for School Reopening put forth by Sick Kids Hospital.

Important Dates

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School News

August 26th, 2020 – MINISTRY UPDATE

Click the following link to read the most recent announcement from the Minister of Education regarding the reopening of schools: Letter to Ontario’s Parents from the Minister of Education – August 26th, 2020

July 30th, 2020 – MINISTRY UPDATE

Please review the following announcement for important information about the Ministry of Educations plan for the reopening of schools this September: Letter to Ontario’s Parents from the Minister of Education – July 30, 2020

June 22nd, 2020 – MINISTRY UPDATE

You will find an announcement from the Education Minister outlining preliminary plans for preparing for re-entry in the new school year here: Minister Letter to Parents – June 22nd, 2020



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Phone: 1-800-889-9491

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Our Health Policy

If your child is ill and will be absent, please remember to call the bus company as well as the school. A message can be left on the school answering machine any time throughout the night at 905-576-8403. At Campbell’s we make every attempt to keep the school, students and staff healthy by following the Durham Public Health Covid-19 Health Screen. If you or your child meet any of the criteria for the Covid-19 health screen above, keep your child home, self-isolate and call Telehealth or your health care provider.

For more information please consult the following fact sheets provided by the Durham Region Health Department:

Coronavirus Self-Monitoring

Coronavirus Fact Sheet


The Campbell Children's School office will be officially re-opening as of Monday, August 24th. Following entry interviews on September 1st to September 4th, the first day of school for our students will be September 8th. For more information about how CCS will be supporting the health and safety of our students, families and community please read the principals message found below.

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