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principals message


We hope that everyone has had a safe and happy summer.

The team at Campbell’s is working towards a safe start to the school year and every precaution has been made to ensure the safety of our students and our staff. Please see the banner message for new Ministry of Education protocols in regard to COVID vaccines and entry to our school. We want you to know that we will continue to comply with the standards set for personal protective equipment, toy washing and high touch surface cleaning. Students who are able, will wear a mask in the hallways of Grandview and we will assist with sanitizing their hands upon entering the building and throughout the day. 

Family interviews originally scheduled for in-person will now be conducted via zoom and you will be contacted with a link. The date and time will not change. This change supports the new requirements for entry into the school.

Families will be contacted just prior to the start of school with bus information including times for pick-up and drop-off. Please note that this schedule is created by the bus company and we will have the information at the same time as the families.

If you have questions, our school office will re-open on Monday August 30th at 8:30 am. Our school secretary, Linda Spartaco will assist you at that time.

Enjoy the remainder of your holiday and stay safe.

Mrs. Harper



our program

The Campbell Children’s School Authority is established under Section 68 of the Education Act to provide, in accordance with the Act and its regulations, the educational component of Grandview Children’s Centre’s therapy program. All students attending Campbell Children’s School (CCS) are clients of Grandview Children’s Centre (GCC), whose home school boards are the Durham District School Board, the Durham Catholic District School Board, the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, the Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board, the French Catholic School Board and the French Public School Board.

Campbell Children’s School exists within the Grandview Children’s Centre (GCC) to provide an education for those children under the age of 21 who require treatment such as individual or group therapy. It is the Board’s goal to provide appropriate programs to children admitted to Campbell Children’s School and to assist the integration of these children into community school programs when and as possible. Educators including; teachers, Early Childhood Educators, and therapists, work as a team to combine education and therapy in order to meet the unique needs of the children. 

CCS students are accepted for a one year placement. Parents are supported through the student’s transition into Campbell Children’s School, and then on to the home school board, with the assistance of the liaison teacher and other education and therapy staff.

special education placements

Campbell Children’s School Authority has one school, Campbell Children’s School, with four classrooms. The classes are mixed groupings of children with multiple exceptionalities and those with a wide range of speech and communication needs. For the 2020-2021 school year the enrollment is 55 students. The students enrolled each year usually range from 1st year Kindergarten to Grade One age. Frequently the students with speech and communication needs require occupational therapy for fine motor and visual motor difficulties that become apparent during the year. Campbell Children’s School accommodates post-surgery clients who need a short term placement to receive intensive physiotherapy.

An IEP is completed for each student. The student’s strengths and needs are discussed by the parents and the CCS team at the interview before the first day of school. The Ministry of Education IEP template is used. Only accommodations to the regular program are needed for most of the students at the Kindergarten level. Some students require modifications to the program, or an alternative program. A Transition Plan is included in each student’s IEP to inform parents about the process for integration into the home school board. 

referrals and admission


Referrals are submitted, by the prime therapist, to the Admission Committee by January 31. The Admission Committee reviews each application and decisions are made by April 1st . During the Admission Committee process, children are ranked according to the levels of their need for therapy and their perceived ability to respond to therapy. A final review will determine those children recommended for acceptance to the school program. There are many more referrals received than can be accommodated in the CCS program. The Admissions Committee also meets throughout the year to review early transition into and out of the school program and also to continually review the Admission process. A child may also be admitted during the school year, for a short period of intensive therapy following surgery. Referral must be from the treating therapist at Grandview Children’s Centre. 

Admission Criteria

In order to be considered for school admission, each child must meet all of the following criteria: 

  1. Must be eligible for at least the Junior Kindergarten Program (4 years old by Dec. 31)
  2. Must be a client on Grandview Children’s Centre caseload.
  3. Must have the ability to participate in and benefit from the treatment program provided by the therapeutic services.
  4. Must require the development of strategies and/or adaptive equipment to function in the community classroom setting.
  5. Parents / legal guardians must be in agreement with the Campbell Children’s School admission policy regarding attendance at school, and demonstrate their acceptance of this by signing the Admission Policy Agreement.