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about our adaptive resource loan program

Finding the right adaptive resource for your student can be costly and time consuming. One thing we have found difficult over the years is having a range of technology at our disposal that would appeal to a variety of developmental levels, access needs and interests. While working with students with a wide range of physical, occupational and communicative needs we have narrowed down an inventory of assistive technology that has been most beneficial in our setting. We offer these tools for you to borrow, free of charge, so that you can “try before you buy” from your preferred vendor. It is our hope that as you “Switch It Up”, more educational professionals and parents will be exposed to a wider range of technology to further support the development and use of assistive technology in the Durham Region. 

How it works

The Switch It Up program is currently available to staff (SERT’s, Special Education Teachers) in Durham District School Board and Durham Catholic District School Board as well as parents of students at CCS.

Follow these steps to borrow a resource from our collection:

1. Select an item from our inventory that meets the needs, goals and interests of your student.

2. Fill out the Contact Form with the required information.

3. A staff from Campbell Children’s School will reach out to you with borrowing parameters, loan dates and an agreement form.

4. The item will be sent to you through the school courier.

5. You will return the item on the agreed upon date in clean, working order through the school courier.

All switch adapted items will come with a plate style switch to try or you can also request a specific switch from our inventory. Training and suggestions for implementation are available when borrowing an item.

If there is a specific toy you would like adapted or a switch not available in this inventory, it is possible that these could be adapted or 3D printed for a small cost, typically the cost of parts.

contact form

To request a device from the Switch It Up program, please fill out the information below. If you have any questions about the program or to maker a custom request for adapting resources, please reach out to:

Shaun Maddock, Special Education Consultant, at [email protected]

    Switch fun and adapted toys

    ITEM: XBox Adaptive Controller – IN STOCK


    Description: Designed primarily to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a unified hub for devices that helps make gaming more accessible. Connect external devices such as switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks to create a custom controller experience that is uniquely yours. Button, thumbstick and trigger inputs are controlled with assistive devices (sold separately) connected through 3.5mm jacks and USB ports.

    ITEM: All-Turn-It-Spinner – IN STOCK


    Description: Include students with disabilities in your regular classroom activities. The All-Turn-It Spinner provides students with severe/profound disabilities hundreds of opportunities for interacting with their peers in a variety of classroom activities. The switch activated All-Turn-It Spinner, with a built-in external switch jack, enables random selections for choosing groups or playing games of chance like Bingo. Also a fun alternative to rolling dice.

    ITEM: Switch Adapted Dice Roller: Adapted by Shaun Maddock – OUT OF STOCK     


    Description: This switch adapted dice roller is a fun option for students who may not be able to physically roll the dice. Use it for numeracy activities such as adding or make board games and games of chance more inclusive.

    ITEM: Switch Adapted Fan: Adapted by Shaun Maddock – IN STOCK


    Description: Students love the how the breeze feels with this switch adapted fan. Use it for cause and effect activities or to promote indepedence on warmer days. You can even use this fan for science or STEAM activities!

    ITEM: Switch Adapted Pitching Machine: Adapted by Shaun Maddock – IN STOCK


    Description: This is a fun and engaging way of making gym class more inclusive. A great option for students with developing gross motor skills, this pitching machine allows students to “throw” a ball with the push of a button. 

    ITEM: Switch Adapted Bubble Machine: Donated by Makers Making Change – IN STOCK


    Description: This switch adapted bubble machine is a great option for all students. Encourage peer engagement as friends blow and pop bubbles together!

    ITEM: Switch Adapted Boppin’ Beaver: Donated by Makers Making Change – IN STOCK


    Description: The switch adapted Boppin’ Beaver toy sings and dances and can be controlled with accessible switches that have a 3.5 mm jack. The beaver is a Fisher Price toy that teaches ABCs, 123, opposites, and simple games.

    ITEM: Switch Adapted Hot Wheels Track: Adapted by Shaun Maddock  – IN STOCK 


    Description: What kid doesn’t love Hot Wheels? This Hot Wheels car booster has been switch adapted to allow students who may not be able to push the cars to get in on the fun. This set comes with a booster, one car and a track set. 

    ITEM: Switch Adapted Scout Toy: Donated by Makers Making Change – IN STOCK


    Description:The switch adapted My Pal Scout/Violet sings songs and can be controlled with accessible switches that have a 3.5mm jack. The My Pal is a LeapFrog toy that sings lullabies and learning songs, and has activities with numbers, animals, food, and more.

    ITEM: Switch Adapted Remote Control Car: Adapted by Shaun Maddock – IN STOCK                                            


    Description: Looking for a way to engage your switch user in STEAM activities? Use this remote control car to maneuvre an obstacle course or knock down a tower. Helps to promote problem solving and peer interaction.


    ITEM: Buddy Button – IN STOCK


    Description: A wired switch featuring a 2.5-in/6.35-cm activation surface that provides an auditory click and tactile feedback. Requires 3.5-oz/100-g of force to activate. The Buddy Button is a durable and reliable single switch that requires only the slightest touch of its 2.5-in/6.35-cm surface for activation. 

    ITEM: Compact Capability Switch – IN STOCK


    Description: Adaptive switches like the compact capability switch help individuals with movement-limiting disabilities use technology and operate electronics more effectively. These adaptive devices offer easier movement solutions and act as an interface between technology and its users. 

    ITEM: Plate Switch – IN STOCK


    Description: Ergonomically designed to respond to even the gentlest touch, this brightly colored plate switch will give users the power to control toys and devices independently.

    ITEM: Bumpy Switch – IN STOCK


    Description: The right choice for those who crave tactile stimulation, this bright yellow switch will activate all your toys and devices.

    ITEM: Textured Plate Switch – IN STOCK


    Description: Light-touch tactile switches activate with the slightest movement.

    ITEM: Finger Isolation Button – IN STOCK


    Description: The recessed button on this uniquely designed switch encourages practice of fine motor and finger isolation skills needed for mastery of computers and touch screen devices. 

    ITEM: Thumb Switch – IN STOCK


    Description: Grip the yellow cylindrical base in your hand and press the red button with your thumb for momentary switch operation.

    ITEM: Adaptable Stick Switch – IN STOCK


    Description: Available from American Printing House.

    ITEM: Eye Blink Switch – IN STOCK


    Description: Control communicators, switch enabled computers or toys with the blink of an eye using this sensor-controlled switch.

    ITEM: MMC60 Switch by Makers Making Change – IN STOCK


    Description: The MMC60 Switch is a cost-effective, 3D printable accessibility switch. The switch has a 60 mm (2.5 inch) round activation surface and uses a standard 3.5 mm cable. The switch is 40 mm in height. Using the specified switch, the activation force is about 3.4 N (325-350 gf). This switch has a button top that screws off, making it easy to swap to a customized top.

    ITEM: Low Profile Switch by Makers Making Change – IN STOCK


    Description: This is a cost-effective 3D printable accessibility switch that only requires the user to lift their finger or hand as high as 8 mm to use it.  This switch would be beneficial for someone who may have a limited range of motion  and would benefit from using a switch that has a large activation area with a minimum switch height.  

    ITEM: Interact Switch by Makers Making Change – IN STOCK


    Description: The Interact Switch is a high quality, modular 3D printable switch design. The tactile feel of the switch is on par with commercial switches, coming in at about 35 g of activation force across the surface of the switch. The base has the same footprint as a Jellybean switch, and should work with any Jellybean switch mounts.

    switch interfaces

    ITEM: Blue2 Bluetooth Switch – IN STOCK


    Description: Go wireless with your switch access to a tablet, computer, mobile phone, or other devices with a Bluetooth connection. The Blue2 accessibility switch provides a user with two switch inputs and is compatible with most switch scanning software.

    ITEM: Jelly Beamer Wireless Transmitter – IN STOCK


    Description: The Jelly Beamer Twist Transmitter is a wireless switch that brings reliable, immediate switch access without the hassle of cords. Multiple Jelly Beamers can be used in the same room at the same time, from as far away as 30-feet, without interference. The 2.5-in/6.4-cm Jelly Beamer also includes an external switch jack, allowing you to use any single switch with our wireless receivers.

    ITEM: Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro – OUT OF STOCK


    Description: Easy to use, affordable switch interface that allows a user to access switch-accessible software. 5 switch ports can emulate click, space, return, ever, tab, space, etc. Can be used with a single switch or multiple switches. Unit plugs directly into a computer USB port. Can be used with Mac, Windows or Chromebooks. Unit is small and does not require any drivers to run. Device can be used to run cause/effect software, turning the pages of an electronic book, playing a game, making a choice and running a Power Point presentation.

    ITEM: Crick USB Switch Interface – IN STOCK


    Description: The USB port is now the standard method of connecting devices to computers. Crick Software (the Clicker company) has created a simple and reliable switch interface that works with most switch accessible software. It is “plug and play” on Windows and Macintosh and works instantly with Clicker. The USB Keys software (included) converts switch presses from the Switch Box into key presses or mouse clicks. It is set up via a simple window where you simply choose which key press or mouse click each switch will give.

    switch accessories

    ITEM: Dual Switch and Latch Timer – IN STOCK


    Description: With the Dual Switch Latch and Timer, add modes of control to any switch accessible toy or appliance. Latch locks the on in place until you hit the switch again to unlock, timer sets the latch for the determined minutes or seconds and duo allows you to add a second device.

    ITEM: Power Select – IN STOCK


    Description: The Power Select is a control unit that enables individuals to communicate and control electrical and battery-operated (with an AC adapter source) toys, appliances, and devices. 

    ITEM: Universal Mounting System – IN STOCK


    Description: A single adjustment point on the mounting arm allows you to control the precise positioning of assistive technology or a tablet computer. Setup is easy and takes less than 2-minutes.

    augmentative communication

    ITEM: Choice – IN STOCK


    Description: Increase the control of your multi-message communication with the Choice speech device. Activate the colored top to start the first message. If it’s not the message you want, activate the top again to interrupt the message skip to the next one. It’s that simple. New sequences of messages are easily and quickly recorded to the Choice on the fly, or use the levels pre-record up to three sets of messages ahead of time.

    ITEM: Big Mack – IN STOCK


    Description: Communication Aid for those who can access a larger target area. 5″ activation surface. Easy to record, crystal-clear voice quality. A Snap Switch Cap and toy/appliance cable included. 

    ITEM: Go Talk 9 – IN STOCK


    Description: GoTalks provide fantastic sound with volume control, easy sequential recording, fast record and erase, a unique function to quickly erase a level, built-in overlay storage and record lock. Use GoTalks to initiate conversations, support daily activities, talk on the telephone, tell personal anecdotes, practice speaking and articulation, give instructions and participate in small group instruction.

    computer peripherals

    ITEM: Keys-U-See Keyboard – IN STOCK


    Description: Keys-U-See is a plug-and-play USB keyboard for Windows computers.

    ITEM: Optima Rollerball  – IN STOCK


    Description: The OPTIMA Rollerball uses durable, optical technology for precise tracking and control of the cursor. A silky smooth ball movement and large footprint for stability make the OPTIMA ideal for a wide spectrum of computer users.

    ITEM: Optima Joystick – IN STOCK



    The OPTIMA Joystick is a compact, desktop joystick that does not require fine motor skills and is suitable for a wide spectrum of computer users.

    ITEM: Chester Mouse – IN STOCK


    Description: Young children can be confused about whether to use the right or left button on a mouse, and clicking on small objects, using drag-and-drop and click-and-move can be frustrating. A standard mouse doesn’t fit into small hands or the buttons are just too far apart. Welcome Chester, a tiny single-button mouse with no scroll wheel, that’s easy to control and made of rugged plastic for strength and durability.

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